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Eccoci alla terza galleria personale, che stavolta Tipo1.it dedica ad un autore molto blasonato degli Stati Uniti e che ha contribuito molto a far crescere la nostra sezione degli artwork postando i suoi lavori: AmoStumpy!

Di seguito potete leggere la sua intervista.

1) Describe / Present yourself: who you are, what are you doing in your life, what are your current interests and future projects.
-First I would like to say, "Thank you, Wolf, for giving me this opportunity to have this gallery and interview". I am a 40 year old student. I am studying animation and video game art. I am married and have a 12 year old son whom learned to play Magic: the Gathering with me three years ago. Looking back, it was inevitable that my artistic skills and my love of Magic would come together. Just a few short months ago, I started painting Magic cards. I had no Idea as to how successful that I would be because I had never picked up a paintbrush prior to that. It has ended up being very successful and I am eager to improve my skill and to continue making art!

2) What about your artistic background?
-I have always had some artistic talent and mostly self-taught but I went on to get some informal training at Walt Disney World in Orland, FL and then on to college where I attained my Associates Degree in Computer Animation.

3) When have you started altering cards, and why?
-I would guess that I started about 4 or 5 months ago. I stumbled upon some altered art forums online and was inspired by Poxy, one of the fantastic artists that grace this forum, and a couple of others. I really wanted to try and give it a go more out of the curiosity to see if I could actually do it.

4) What are your favorite Wizards of the Coast's artist? The most hated (from an artistically point of view, of course)?
-I really like Rob Alexander. His landscapes are fantastic! I do not hate anyone’s work. Even some of the earliest Magic artists like: Mark Poole, whose skill is great but compared to the techniques of the current Magic artists, is not a favorite of mine but I will not disrespect him because he helped make Magic art what it is today. Now, the card ability designers may need some help, but the artists are all wonderful.

5) How do you usually realize your alterations? Which techniques, methods, and tools are you using?
-Well, when I am just extending a boarder, I just put down a base layer and then start matching colors. I like Full body acrylic paint and sable hair brushes. If I am putting something, like a character, on a card, I will draw it out and then transfer that illustration to the card on top of a base coat. Using that transfer as a guide, I will render out the final product.

6) Have you got a web site with your works?
-My altering site is www.photobucket.com/kendallstump and my professional website is www.kendall3d.com

7) Is it possible to meet / invite you on public events? Will you alter cards "live" / during them?
- Yes. Two weeks ago, I was at Star City Games Open event in Cincinnati, OH where I altered so many cards on site! It was a fantastic experience and I will be doing three other shows this year with Star City Games. I would be happy to entertain other invitations as well.

8) Are you going to accept any commitments? How much time is necessary for you to complete a requested alteration?
-I accept commissions all of the time. Depending on what I am doing to the card, the time is relative. It can take me as little as 45 minutes to as long as 3 hours to complete a request. I know that other artists spend a minimum of 2 or 3 hours per card but I have always prided myself on be a fast and efficient worker in all of my projects.

9) Which advices would you give to anyone who is going to follow your artistic path?
-I would say to only make art because your heart tells you to do so. Do not do it because you think you can make money because you will starve. Make art, put your emotions into it and if the right person sees it, perhaps you can pick up some commissions and then ultimately, make a career out of painting. I have been yelled at for copying someone else’s idea on a Magic card. I am telling you, “PAINT THAT WHICH INSPIRES YOU!” To deny yourself that expression is to deny your heart’s desire and is, in consequence, stifling your growth as an artist. Do not, however, forget to give credit to the original artist if you do copy it. Paint anything! Paint everything. Try new styles and develop your own.

D'ora in poi AmoStumpy posterà i suoi lavori in questo specifico topic; usatelo per commenti, richieste, e qualsiasi cosa lo riguardi direttamente.
Aggiornerò appena possibile questo post per inserire la traduzione in italiano delle risposte e aggiungere un pò di dettagli.
A presto con le altre gallery!



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Chiudo questo topic perché sono stato contattato da AmoStumpy, il quale mi ha comunicato di aver abbandonato completamente l'attività.
In questo caso però possiamo dire: largo ai giovani! :-)


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